EXOS Haptics Library  0.1.2
Developer Manual


Managed Unity DLL / Unity 2018 or Later / .Net Framework 4.7.1

Setup Device

Read DK2 Setup Manual

Japanese version

English version

How to install EXOS Demo Sample

  1. Install follow asset from Asset Store
    • SteamVR Plugin (Tested up to version 2.2.0)
  2. Select .NET 4.X on Runtime ver selection in Player Settings
  3. Install EXOS_Unity_SDK_vXXX
  4. (If Unity 2018.3 later) Install OpenVR from Window->Package Manager
  5. Install EXOS_Haptics_Library_vXXX
  6. Install follow asset from Asset Store
    • 1911 Pistol Pack (Tested up to version 1.0)
  7. Install EXOS_Demo_Sample_vXXX
  8. Generate SteamVR_Input (with default)

Sample Scene in EXOS Demo Sample

A sample of the device control in VR for each device.


Very simple device control demo. It can check device angle and input force value on Inspector.


Object Generater

When importing the SDK, several objects are automatically generated at the beginning of the scene. To change this behavior, please check the following Asset.


Preload Asset

When importing the SDK, the following Asset is registered in Unity's PreloadAsset.




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